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BVH was custom built in 2015 to be as welcoming and relaxing as possible for both humans and pets.


Our fully-equipped surgical suite can be utilized to perform a variety of surgical procedures safely and effectively.


Our CR digital x-ray system allows us to quickly capture images, easily review x-rays with clients as well as share with specialists if necessary.


Our lobby is bright and spacious with plenty of seating and room to separate dogs from cats.


Our facility is available for all bathing, trimming, and  brushingneeds.

In addition, our ICU is centrally located so that hospitalized patients can be easily observed and monitored by staff from the treatment area, and we have an isolation room to quarantine contagious animals.


Our treatment area is a well-lit area where dentals and other non-surgical procedures are administered.

Cat exam room

One of our exam rooms  is specifically for cats. It has a lower ceiling (to reduce noise) and a pheromone diffuser to help relieve anxiety.