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Dr. Jocelyn Romano

Originally from way upstate New York, Dr. Romano always knew she'd become a veterinarian. Having come from a family of teachers, the love of learning and value placed on education while growing up played a pivotal role in shaping who Dr. Romano is today. This led to her earning two master's degrees, a PhD from Duke University, and her DVM from NC State University College of Veterinary Medicine. She is one of fewer than 250 veterinarians boarded in the specialty field of poultry medicine. She regularly sees backyard chickens, turkeys, ducks, and gesse and occasionally consults for industry. She has also donated hundreds of hours to various animal rescues (such as Beaufort Cat Community Project, The Outerbanks Wildlife Shelter, and Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue), and food safety awareness programs.

Some things Dr. Romano will be the first to tell you about herself:

     1)  She is a flunky at being a "foster-mom" (having a track record of personally adopting the last 4 of 4 dogs she's fostered,

     2)  She routinely substitutes the phrase "nutritional overacheiver" for the word "fat" when describing her own pets, and

     3)  She freely admits she'll likely greet your pet and sit on the floor during an exam....she absolutely LOVES being a veterinarian and it shows!

Whether it's a phone call to check in on your pet on a Sunday afternoon or bringing home a sick patient so that she can better monitor its condition by sleeping next to it on the floor, Dr. Romano will always try to do what she feels in her heart is best for both her patients and their human parents.

Her biggest goal for Beaufort Veterinary Hospital is helping you and your pet have More Good Years Together.